Universal Consciousness

Universal Consciousness

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Digital Painting painted by Paul Hanson printed on either Aluminum or Giclee.

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I create art to awaken the human soul to new ways of perceiving reality. I named this piece "Universal Consciousness" to make a statement about everything being one unity, we are all reflections or different aspects of the one great spirit or godhead. I displayed the character in the painting as both human and machine, like wise the universe as both organic and mechanical. Man and Machine are the same. This will definitely be a controversial topic in the near future as we dawn on the birth of Machine Intelligence... Notice that I do not call it A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). Intelligence can never be artificial... Intelligence is intelligence and is a product of universal consciousness birthing itself into self-awareness, and in this case a self-aware machine.

Each piece is made of the highest quality materials. 

Wall mounting brackets are pre-installed and ready to hang on any surface*! 

Our gallery packed artwork has shipped all over the world with the confidence that your new piece will remain radiant, bringing enjoyment for many years to come!


This piece is the perfect frameless alternative to add class and sophistication to any room. 
This dynamicbeautiful and intricate Wall Showpiece is the perfect energizing work of art will dramatically amplify any wall in your home, office or living space.

Made in USA

All pieces are signed by Paul Hanson- (Artist) and come with a I Am 33 Certificate of Authenticity.

These are original art pieces from I Am 33 and are fully copyright 2017.
Sample displayed in picture(s) above is NOT to scale.
*Screws/Nails are not included