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What is Light Meditation?

While we meditate we can experience heightened levels of consciousness when we enter the Theta & Gamma Brainwave state. Brainwave entrainment through the use of light has been an age old practice throughout human history. The ancients used it to awaken the 3rd Eye and Crown Spheres of consciousness and experience bliss and oneness with the universal divine spirit that connects us all. 

What will you experience? 

During a Light Meditation most people experience a deep connection to the source of their being, they see intricate visions of sacred geometry, and fractal mind scapes of higher dimensional consciousness.

What are the benefits?

After a session most people have feelings of being relaxed, more aware, heightened mental IQ, better concentration, and a sense of oneness and connection with the entire universe.

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Can Light Meditation help you meditate?

Yes, brainwave entrainment light meditations can actually help people with highly overactive minds experience Nirvana, Peace, and Silence. Often times on the first session you will have gone farther in meditation than ever before.

What is the Science?

Training the brain to experience the Theta and Gamma wave frequencies can strengthen your Pineal Gland and Pituitary Gland to regularly release the brain chemicals that help you feel good, sleep well, and experience higher states of consciousness like the "Spirit Molecule".

How often can I do it?

You can do it as often as you feel like it. Brainwave entrainment is more beneficial the more you do it. It's like going to the Gym & Spa for your mind, spirit, and soul... Its a spiritual workout and massage at the same time.

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MagiTeck has really helped me to push my boundaries in how magick can be used. They have introduced me to many new practices along with a confidence booster in helping me move forward with my practice! - Sarah Daigle (Reiki Master, Gong Master, Sound Alchemist, Intuitive Wellness Coach, Meditation Guide)


My experience with the Kasina Lamp Light Meditation was amazing from the second it started. I went on a timeless, colorful, beautiful amazingly happy journey. All of the images and sensations were created by my brain being stimulated with light and sound. I had a big smile on my face for most of the journey. Loved it so much, I went back for seconds the next day and will continue to enjoy this healing modality as often as I can. Mahalo Manu Paul Hanson for making this tool accessible to all. - Wendy Gibson


This group has changed my life for the better, helping me develop into the happy and focused individual that I am today! - Drako Fajro Koro

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Lila Jadelan Kuencer is spiritual counselor with many years of experience in helping people manifest their dreams, awaken their true life purpose and meaning, and get through tough situations by removing blockages.

She teaches people how to retrain their mind to create more freedom in their life and gain personal power and courage, and she can help you do the same!

Jadelin is a highly skilled authentic Tarot Reader and trained in the ancient western spiritual magickal tradition and arts. 


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Manu Paul Hanson is a spiritual prodigy known for his visionary genius and larger than life accomplishments. He is highly experienced in making anything a possibility and teaching people how to do the same through the power of belief and will power.

He teaches people how to believe in them selves and how to live with no limits.

Paul is an exceptional authentic Tarot Reader and trained in the ancient western spiritual magickal tradition and arts.

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